Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Photographed at Old Bar, NSW, December 2017
1230                 ALEUTIAN TERN               Onychoprion aleuticus 

AUSTRALIA                  723

Former Latin name was Sterna aleutica. Breeds in colonies on coasts and islands in Alaska and easternmost Siberia; migrates to Indonesia and Malaysia, though little is known about its wintering habits here. Feeds by plunge diving for fish, usually in saltwater environs.

NOTE:  In October 2017, birders Liam Murphy was looking through photographs taken in December 2016. He found an unidentified tern. It was tentatively identified as an Aleutian tern, never before recorded in Australia. He returned to the place where the photographs were taken in December 2017. Liam found a group of 13 Aleutian tern wintering there. (These photographs were taken the next day)

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