Monday, September 25, 2017


Photographed Christmas Island, December 2016
 1223              COOK'S SWIFT                  Apus cooki 

AUSTRALIA                      716                 

Breeds in limestone caves in Thailand, Myanmar and Indochina; lays 2-3 eggs on cliff returning to same site each year.

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Photographed on the Strzelecki Track (Art Baker Lookout), August 2017
1222              EYREAN GRASSWREN                Amytornis goyderi      

AUSTRALIA                715

Found in clumps of cane grass on dunes. 14-16.5 cm. Simpson/Strzelecki Deserts in far sw Q, far se NT. Locally common, sedentary, locally nomadic.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Photographed at Gluepot, South Australia, August 2017
1221                  BLACK-EARED MINER                 Manorina melanotis 

AUSTRALIA               714

Restricted to large blocks of intact mallee in se Aust; population centred on Gluepot Reserve (SA). 26 mm. Very rare and were predicted to become extinct through interbreeding with Yellow-throated miner but may be holding their own.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Photographed in Murray-Sunset National Park, August 2017
1220                RED-LORED WHISTLER                Pachycephala rufogularis

AUSTRALIA               713

Found in low, patchy mallee/heath/spinifex; stunted mallee on sandhills; cypress pines; broom bush. 19-22 cm. Inland se Aust.: from Round Hill NR, Cocoparra NP, to nw Vic, Big Desert NP-Sunset Country, occasionally to Hattah/Kulkyne NP; w. to Murray mallee of e. SA. Rare, local.


Photographed in Murray-Sunset National Park, August 2017
1219                   STRIATED GRASSWREN                Amytornis striatus 

AUSTRALIA               712

Found in spinifex, with mallee, acacias, other inane scrubs, coastal scrubs in WA. 14.5-19.5 cm. Four subspecies recognised: oweni, whitei, rowleyi and striatus. Striatus found in Murray mallee.

Monday, July 31, 2017


Photographed at Tilley Swamp, South Australia, July 2017
1218                NORTHERN SHOVELER               Anas clypeata   

AUSTRALIA             711

Breeds in northern Eurasia and North America; winters s. to Thailand, Philippines; infrequent vagrant to Australia but found in most states. Wing 239-249 mm; bill 62-72 mm.

NOTE: Long range shot as bird was on private property with no access. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Photographed at Stockyard Point, Victoria, June 2017
(*  1199)                    SOUTH ISLAND PIED OYSTERCATCHER             Haematopus finschi 

AUSTRALIA                 710

Often referred to as SIPO. A vagrant from NZ occasionally recorded on e coast of Aust; seven records on east coast. 


Photographed at Stockyard Point, Victoria, June 2017
1140                  LITTLE STINT              Calidris minuta

AUSTRALIA              109

Found on tidal mudflats, salt marshes, salt fields, muddy margins of freshwater and saline wetlands, sewerage ponds. 12-14 cm. Breeds in Arctic Eurasia; winters Europe, s Asia; vagrant Japan, Brunei, PNG. Summer vagrant to Australia, records NT, SA, Vic and NSW.


Photographed at Miranda, New Zealand, June 2017
(*  142)                   GREY DUCK             Anas superciliosa

NEW ZEALAND                 85

Also known as Pacific Black Duck in Australia. 55 cm. Very rare native, mainly in remote wetlands, including forest lakes and rivers, along west of South Island and north and central east of North Island.


Photographed at Miranda, New Zealand, June 2017
(*  538)                  RED KNOT               Calidris canutus 

NEW ZEALAND             84

Breeds in Holistic; migrates to tropics and Southern Hemisphere; second most common migrant wader to New Zealand estuaries, c. 30,000 birds. Favours north and western estuaries. 24 cm.


Photographed at Tihiora, New Zealand, June 2017
(*  263)                  PEAFOWL                  Pavo cristatus

NEW ZEALAND              83

Found in parks and private gardens, rough agricultural land with good cover in warm, dry districts. 90 cm. Uncommon Asian introduction particularly in the north of North Island and a few other spots on North and South Island.


Photographed at Dannevirke, New Zealand, June 2017
1217                ROOK                Corvus frugilegus 

NEW ZEALAND                82

Found in pastures and cultivated paddocks, farm shelter belts, especially tall gums and pines. 45 cm. Locally common European introduction, mainly south east of North Island, but also isolated spots on North and South Island.


Photographed on North Island, New Zealand, June 2017
1216                   FERNBIRD                Bowdleria punctata 

NEW ZEALAND                 81

Locally common endemic in top of North Island and west and south of South Island. 18 cm. Found in freshwater and tidal wetlands, especially roadbeds or pakihi with emergent scrub; also drier sparse scrub and bracken.