Monday, March 23, 2015


PhotographedLincoln National Park, South Australia March 2015
541        TAWNEY-CROWNED HONEYEATER             Phylidonyris melanops

Australia           (382)

16-17 cm. Found in heathlands; stunted banksia, sandplain vegetation; mallee, 'grass-tree country', blossoming eucalypt woodlands, regrowth, button-grass woodlands, strutters. Ranges from ne. NSW (Evans Head) to Eyre Pen. Kangaroo Is (SA), inlands to Blue Mountains (NSW); coastal e. Vic. to Big Desert NP. Coastal Tas.; In s WA widespread w. and s. of Israelite Bay-Norseman-southern Cross-Murchison R.

Photographed Coffin Bay National Park, South Australia March 2015

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  1. beautiful photographs - crowned indeed - he looks regal in the final shoots