Friday, March 27, 2015


The Noisy Scrub-bird is extremely elusive, so much so that it was considered extinct for many years.  It lives in a small patch of tight scrub and is only seen as it darts across a laneway which divides the scrub. Photographed at Cheynes Beach, Western Australia March 2015
550         NOISY SCRUB-BIRD          Atrichornis clamosus

Australia            (391)

This is one of Australia's rarest birds. It was declared extinct in the 1950s after not having been seen for many years. A small population was rediscovered in 1961. A few have now been relocated to guard against extinction should their habitat suffer due to bushfires. The bird is often heard but rarely seen. It lives in very dense scrub and is elusive. Its range is confined to the region of TwoPeople's Bay Nature Reserve, e. of Albany WA. Habitat is dense thickets of stunted eucalyptus; tea-tree, banksia, sheoak, rush, saw-sedge, tall grasses.

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  1. magnificent find, it must be exhilarating to find such a rare bird - you must have had to be quick he looks very anxious to get away